About us

Vontade de Viajar is a travel blog that focuses on international cultural and historic destinations for Brazilian travelers. We take inspiration from arts, history and culture to inspire fun and creative trips.

Here you find basic information about our project and our audience. If you’d like to sponsor our blog or create a branded project, please feel free to contact us: blog@vontadedeviajar.com

Culture moves us

“Vontade de Viajar” is an expression Brazilians use whenever they feel like traveling or whish they were traveling. It’s the closest translation we have in Portuguese for “Wanderlust”.

Online since January 2012, the blog is edited by the journalist Fernanda Castelo Branco, based in Rio de Janeiro, with the collaboration of Anna Carolina Levier and occasional guest authors.

Our travel trips are inspired by music, movies, books, architecture, arts, geek culture and other cultural references that enrich our experience around the world. The motivation is to awaken the sense of discovery – encouraging people not only to get to know new places, but to find new ways of interpreting what already seems familiar.

Qualified audience

75% Brazilian    |    65% women    |    40% age 25-34    |    65% travel abroad every year

Our readers are well informed young adults looking for local, cultural and alternative travel experiences. They go beyond capital cities and show interest in tailored services and niche products, as they see their travel choices as a way of defining and expressing their personality.

Have a look at our media kit and contact us. Let’s create great content together!

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